Brooks Post & Beam Building Packages

Brooks Post & Beam has built hundreds of custom homes spanning four decades.  Here we show you sample homes that make good starting packages from which you can design your own custom designed timber frame home.  We include actual pricing (not estimates) to help you select the right plan for your budget.  These packages are ideal for those who wish to build a home themselves or who are working with a contractor.

Package Pricing Descriptions:

1) Frame only- this is only the post and beam framework  ready to be assembled. 

2) Frame and panels- This package includes the post and beam frame and the structural insulated panels to give you the complete shell for your home.

3) Owner Built Kit - When available we list complete construction costs as provided by one of our owner builder clients, cost of land varies and is not included.

We offer complete plans, details, project specifications and owners manuals with these packages.


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