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PaulIconThis is a blog written by Paul Freeman, President of Brooks Post & Beam Inc. This blog will give updates on current projects and thoughts on changes in the post and beam trade, especially on topics relating to sustainable building and energy efficiency.


Brooks Kit Frame - Osgood

We are pleased to announce our new line of post & beam kits. If you click on the “Post and Beam Packages” tab of the home page, you will see a new section- Timberframe Home Kits. We have put together kit packages which combine our most popular small home designs with pre-cut timber frame and panels. While there are other companies offering kit packages, only Brooks Post & Beam offers easy to assemble draw-bored frames, backed up by our unparalleled experience and expertise to make your building project successful and rewarding.

Why Buy a Timber Frame Kit Home?

Every potential client we talk with have their own reasons for wanting a timber frame home kit, but the most common are cost savings, the satisfaction of doing it yourself, flexible scheduling, and minimizing waste.

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Home for Sale

Why should you consider building a new home when there are so many reasonably priced existing homes on the market?  This is a good question and not as easy to answer as you would think.  In prior articles I have written why you might want to live in a timber frame home in comparison to a conventionally framed home.  So let’s assume you have already established that you prefer the aesthetic of heavy timbers and mortise and tenon joinery; you like the open, bright and airy feel of a post and beam home; and you recognize the practicality of the long term savings of a high quality home.

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Brooks Post and Beam Owners Manual


Building a new timber frame home is not a job to be undertaken lightly. To help guide you through the many decisions with which you will be faced, we have written the Brooks Post & Beam Owner's Manual.

Whether you plan to contract out the work, be your own general contractor, or do it all yourself, this manual will explain and specify details and various tasksassociated with building a timber frame home.

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Customer Committment When Phil Brooks first began building new timber frame homes he quickly recognized that contractors all too frequently misunderstood the owner's wishes which resulted in frequent delays and costly changes. As former teachers, both Phil Brooks and Paul Freeman are committed to helping you learn everything you need to know in order to build your dream home. As tradespeople we can communicate effectively with others contracted to work on your home so that they too are able to understand what is necessary to build a quality home that matches your dreams.

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Colonial New England quickly earned a reputation for its hardy residents. The terrain and the weather are demanding and you quickly learn to plan ahead and be resourceful. Architecturally the Colonial and the Cape are great examples of form following function. Both of these housing styles made efficient use of materials and space, keeping construction costs down and heating as efficient as possible at the time.

This theme of making good use of the tools and materials you have at hand and consideration of their use and length of service is observed in almost everything that was made during this time.

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