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Owners: Over the years we have helped hundreds of families navigate their way through the complex process of design, permitting, contractor selection and construction management of their new home. It is crucial that you work with someone who can communicate with you, convert your ideas into plans, and your plans into a realistic finished timber frame project that fits your budget. We can do that!

Builders: Over the years we have built many homes for research and development in order to try out new methods and materials. With these and hundreds of other successful projects, we understand the challenges of working on site, dealing with weather, last minute changes, demanding schedules, and the coordination of multiple subs. We have introduced hundreds of builders to timber frame construction, many who have subsequently built one of our homes for themselves and their families.

Efficiency: We employ a unique blend of technology and old-world craftsmanship. Seamless integration of computer frame models and shop equipment lightens heavy work and frees up our craftsmen where it matters most, custom fitting traditional mortise and tenon joinery and hardwood spline connections by hand.

Green Design: The design and construction of attractive, energy efficient buildings is a core value of the timber framing community and a primary goal of Brooks Post & Beam. Sustainable construction is not new to us; we've been building affordable, energy efficient, Post and Beam structures for decades.

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