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Ginny & Phil BrooksThank you for your interest in our Post & Beam structures, I am looking forward to working with you. I would like to welcome you into the community of people that include our customers, friends, family, coworkers, vendors and trades people. We are privileged to be surrounded by so many fair and considerate people, and I believe the reason for our good fortune is that good people are drawn to each other. Phil Brooks has been building Post & Beam homes for over 30 years now and throughout his career as timber framer, educator, and philanthropist he has consistently treated people with respect and encouragement and built a network of committed clients, friends, and professionals all across the country.

Phil and I met not long after he had built the first ever automated timber cutting machine in the country, and most likely on the planet! My background at the time was as an architectural and timber frame designer, and I had recently developed a timber frame design software program with my good friend Ed Levin, an internationally renowned timber frame designer. Over the next few years Phil and I developed the software we still use today that takes advantage of the power of computer modeling and ties it into our timber cutting machine for full automation from the "drawing board" to the shop floor. The efficiency of our design to shop process is the second biggest reason for the success of our company, and when used in conjunction with Phil's unique and efficient timber frame joinery system has given us the ability to provide extremely strong joinery with a minimal of material and labor costs, thereby passing on to our customers considerable cost savings for a very high level of quality.

From time to time I look around myself and am struck with my good fortune to have been given the opportunity to take the reins of this remarkable company that has been quietly leading our industry forward over the last 3 decades. I am indebted to my parents, Robert and Ivy Freeman, Ed Levin, and Phil Brooks for providing me with the opportunities and experiences that have brought me to this place. And now I also have people like you to thank for recognizing our ability to help you fulfill your vision of your new home, barn, or business structure. Welcome to our community. We are well met!

Paul A. Freeman
Brooks Post & Beam, Inc.


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