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Our People

Brooks Post & Beam StaffOur company is all about the people who work here. We love the work we do and we are as much a family as we are co-workers. We are dedicated to building quality homes that will last for generations.

We have worked together for more than 10 years. We are dedicated to applying the concepts of timber frame homes with the same techniques that our ancestors used to build their homes. As a group we are involved, mentally, physically and emotionally, from concept to completion. After all, the final product is a beautiful post and beam structure, but it is the people of Brooks Post and Beam, and you the customer, that make your building concept a reality.

Paul Freeeman and Becky

Paul Freeman and S.P. Brooks founder Phil Brooks found each other in the simultaneous pursuit of technological improvements for the work they loved: building beautiful, practical timber frame structures.

Founders of Brooks Post and Beam Co. Phil and Ginny live and work high on a hill in this small New Hampshire town, in a 1750s home they’ve transformed from a fixer-upper into a classic beauty surrounded by woodland, pasture and thriving gardens. Phil bought the place in 1967, taking down the barns and – with his engineer’s mind – learning through their deconstruction and reconstruction how they had been built.

Joe Coleman timber framerJoe runs the shop, operating the company’s one-of-a-kind cutting machine, and working with owner/architect Paul Freeman on questions of practicality and function. He’s usually the one who stays in the shop when Mark and Andrew deliver and raise the frames, starting the next frame and coordinating any necessary changes.

Mark Bersen timber framerMark is a transplant from the world of high-tech and big cities. A native of New Jersey, he had moved north to work in digital phone tech support for Cisco Systems. He awoke at the crack of dawn in Lyndeborough, then he and his wife Laura traveled to Boston each day for an intense corporate experience. He remembers arriving his first day at the job, downtown, and saying to himself, “how did I get here?”

Peter (Piotr) Chadzynski

Piotr Chadzynski once traveled more than 6,500 miles for a job. Another time, he moved 4,000 miles away. But in his latest pursuit of a “post” with a timberframe company, he needed only to drive 4 miles across town.

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