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  1. An initial get together to discuss your plans, your lot, costs and contracting methods
  2. A visit to one or more of our existing homes with features similar to your ideas
  3. Developing rough plans and cost estimates
  4. Modeling your frame in 3-D perspective on our computer
  5. Contracting for a set of working drawings. ($600 to $2500)
  6. Securing firm bids for construction using plans, specifications and details from our Owner's Manual
  7. Obtain permits and finalize financing
  8. Sign contracts
  9. Begin construction
  10. Monitor construction progress
  11. Evaluate finished product

We have put together a presentation that goes through the process of building a post and beam building. This is a brief presentation but give a very good overview of the building process. We hope you enjoy it!

Click on a slide above to move to the next slide.

If this presentation was of interest to you check out the Goldberg Blog. The Goldbergs are one of our clients that have created a photo documentary of the whole process of building their Post & Beam home. Lots of pictures and comments on the building process.

Check it out here!

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