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Goldbergs at Deer Hill Blog

GoldbergsIconThis is a blog about the construction of a post and beam home. It is written by Adam & Lisa Goldberg, the home owners. Their post & beam home is being built in Connecticut.

This blog is compiled from the emails they have sent out to their friends and family documenting the joys and challenges of building a home. Brooks Post & Beam is proud to be a part of the team that is building this new home.

Here we are again. More pictures. I can't wait to see what they are, since I can't remember what happened yesterday.

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Sorry for the delay but we have been working really hard. Its been a while and a lot has happened.

We have finished priming the house!!! We are exhausted!!! CC the cat has become the 1st residence of the house. He started sleeping there about a 2 months ago. We think he is staking his claim.

We have water, a septic system, the propane tank has been buried, sheet rock, insulation, A LOT OF ROCKS and sooo much more. We have been having a great time even though it has taken a huge amount of effort to get this far, The tiling will start next week. Actually, I can't remember what has happened since the last blog so lets refresh my memory with some pictures.

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Lisa and I just got to enjoy our 1st full moon at the house. How awesome!!!

We spent the day cleaning up at the house and when we where leaving the moon started to rise. We went up to the deck off of our loft and enjoyed the show. It was the perfect way to end the day. The day started by Peter and myself installing a brake controller into my truck. This controls the brakes for the travel trailer that Peter & Bettylou bought this winter. They will use our truck to tow it. Of course we get to us the trailer as well. Oz & Raz can't wait.

We then moved our gas fireplace to the house (with peter's help). This goes in our bedroom. Our electrician, HVAC contractor and framer wanted to see it as they could not believe how small of a foot print it has. Anyway a lot has been done to the house. The rough plumbing, HVAC and electric is complete as well as much more.

The pictures will show it all. Enjoy.

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This blog is dedicated to Erin for her persistence in wanting to see the progress in the house and for the cookbook. Thank you for your enthusiasm!!! Also Happy Birthday Bettylou!!!

Well, we just got back from a house visit. Its cold but the french doors are in. I need to take a step back. Since we last blogged our roof is finished, all of the skylights are in, the windows and doors are in and they have begun to side the house. Also, they framed the closet/laundry room ad built the platforms for the upstairs shower and tub. They have also been working hard on the window trim. We have had the electrician in to put in some switches that had to go in before the doors could be installed and the plumber has come by twice to survey the situation and look and plumbing fixtures. He will start next week. The final stair quotes are in and the stairs to the basement should get installed next week. So here come the pictures. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, The guys from Brooks came back and installed our deck. Sorry Paul its getting late and I've had a rough week and its only Wednesday.

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Well here is part 2. I found a new and easier way to add pictures so they might be a little bigger. As you know I like to go overboard on the pictures so here it goes.

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