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Hi All:

Well, today they finished with all of the clearing. Yesterday, they took down 4 massive white oaks. They were over 200 years old and at least 40" + in diameter. Two of them where at the end of their life cycles so it made us feel a little better. We had no choice as they were standing where our house and our septic must go. We actually have a very small bldg. lot because of the wetland easement. At least we found someone who can mill them into slabs for 2 tables (1 for us & 1 for Peter & Bettylou) & the rest into wide plank flooring. We are also going to work with a local person (the same person who is milling the lumber) Earth Tones (they specialize in native landscaping) to replace some of the trees and vegetation that we have removed. Now they must finishing clearing all of the stumps from the lot and building the driveway. I have enlarged the pictures for easier viewing. Hope you enjoy.

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