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Well, um there has been a lot going on over the past week.

Since the last entry we have gone to NH to visit with Paul from Brooks Post & Beam to discuss our electrical plan.

The lot has finished being stumped, the fill for the driveway is in, the topsoil has been stripped from the lot, the surveyors have come out and flagged the house site and the septic site and the solar people came out to take readings to see if solar panels was a possibility.

The trip to Boston/NH was awesome as always. We dog sat for Willow, ate some amazing food and discussed our timber frame. Unfortunately, we left our camera in Boston so the pictures of that weekend will have to wait till the next installment.

Those big oak trees had some really big stumps, but those pictures are in my camera in Boston. We also spent the week getting our final quotes from the subs and now we are making our final choices. We have chosen our excavator (same company who cleared the lot), foundation company, timber frame company, foundation company, framer, lumber company and HVAC company. We are still working on plumber, electrician, asphalt company, company to install propane tank, well driller/pounder and gutter company.The framer is also our advisor. Basically, we hired him on a per hour basis to act as an advisor so when we have questions, get stuck or need advice we have a "go to" person. He has general contracted a lot of projects so it is working out really well.

On Thursday we got our final drawings with the engineers stamp. I will attach a copy for everyone's viewing pleasure. We also received our bldg. permit so we are now actually allowed to build. Also on Thursday Susan from PVsquared came for a site visit to see photovoltaic panels would work on our house. We do not think it will happens as there is too much shading on the lot. Even with the amount of trees we cut down we still have a huge canopy. When we walked the lot this morning we counted 8 large oaks that are still standing on our property. That made us feel better about cutting down the other 4.

Anyway, this weekend we spent most of our time at Direct Buy finishing our research on lighting, plumbing fixtures, wood stoves etc. We also started ordering quite a bit of stuff. On Monday and Tuesday of this week they will dig the hole for the foundation and on Wednesday Bruce Fulton Foundations will build the forms for the footings. We have an inspection for the forms setup on Wednesday @ 2:15. As long as we do not hit ledge we will be alright. Then comes the foundation. Here are some pictures. These pictures were taken with Peter & Bettylou's camera. Oh, by the way any questions, comments or suggestions are always welcome.

Once again thank you for your interest.
Lisa, Adam, Oz & Raz

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