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Ka boom:

Unfortunately we hit ledge so Woody the blaster is coming tomorrow to dynamite it out.
He said it will take about 3 days to blast. Its in the right back corner of the house. About 1/2 of the area where we need to dig for the foundation. This will set us back a week. Lisa has been spending a lot of time on the lighting and fan selection while I have been working on getting the right chimney setup for the wood stove, We have also been making the final decisions on the remaining subs to use. We are behind schedule and over budget and the party is just beginning . Oh well, we will turn that around. Attached are some unfocused pictures of some large stumps (sorry) and our trip to NH as well as the beginning of the digging of the foundation.

Well, there's another installment. Tomorrow the fun begins. Raspberry is afraid of thunder so the next 3 days is going to be really rough on her. We use a herbal supplement that relaxes to get her through thunder storms so it should help for this. Poor girl.

Lisa, Adam, Oz & Raz

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