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Hello All:

Its been a little over 2 weeks and a lot has happened.

We have had the foundation waterproofed, a lot of drainage installed, our conduits for our electric, cable & telephone run from the house to the street, temporary electric installed, the foundation has been backfilled and so much more.

Lisa and I went to New Hampshire to work on our Timber Frame. That was really fun. We got to plane our beams, sand, router and apply a coat of conditioner to them. We have some great pictures. I spent 2 days and Lisa spent 1 day at Brooks' shop.

While we where gone the basement to our house got frames as well as the deck got built for the 1st floor. This is needed so Brooks & Co. can install the Timber Frame. Besides all of that, a lot of the items that we have ordered from Direct Buy have come in so we are busy picking those up as well. We are still in the process of finalizing our lighting and plumbing fixtures. That will be done this week. Also our windows and doors will get ordered this week.

It is actually starting to look like a house. Brooks is coming Tuesday to put up the post & beam, Anyone in the neighborhood is welcome to come over and watch the installation. It should be pretty cool. They will be here Tuesday though Friday. I may have to send another email because of all of the pictures. Well here it goes.


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