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Sorry about the delay.

I had it all finished last night and then somehow deleted it by mistake. So here is my 2nd try.

To update the blog as well the timber frame starting getting erected on Tuesday. We have a lot of cool pictures. Lisa, Peter and I got our tool belts out and where banging nails. It was awesome. Those pictures will come in blog #8. All we can say is that this has been a spectacular process.

We have been able to take part in every process. Today I was making sure that all of the rough openings for the windows and doors are correct so that the sip panels will be cut correctly. What a tedious task. Almost as tedious as the blog. The blog is more fun though . Well here are the pictures of us in New Hampshire working on our frame.

Well that is it for blog #7. We have a lot more awesome pictures.

The timber frame will be completely up by Friday and then we will send another installment. Once again thank you for your interest. If you are in the neighborhood, this week please stop by and see the timber frame go up. Its pretty spectacular. Its an open invitation so stop by anytime to check out what is going on.

Your are always welcome. There is always something of interest happening.

Thanks again,

Lisa, Adam Oz & Raz

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