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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Our Timber Frame was completed on 11/20. Mark & Andrew from Brooks Post & Beam came down from NH and installed the frame. They did it in 3 1/2 days.

Peter, Bettylou, Lisa and I all got to work on the installation of the frame. On Monday they will come back with Joe from Brooks and install the structural insulated panels (sips). These are very "green" and energy efficient wall panels that have insulation built in. By Friday we will have an enclosed structure. In 2 months we went from a wood lot to a lot with a timber frame structure on it.

Today we went to Direct Buy and picked up our Jacuzzi tub, shower for downstairs bathroom, gas fireplace for master bedroom, glass vessel sink and really cool biometric lockset. We borrowed Mr. Van's trailer to haul of this stuff back to Peter & Bettylou's barn. Bettylou was nice enough to give up her parking space for all of our stuff. We hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

We hope you enjoyed this installment.

Lisa, Adam, Oz & Raz

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