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Hello All:

Winter is finally here. We hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving!!!

The guys from Brooks Post & Beams came back last Monday and installed are SIP panels. As always it was fascinating to watch.

Our electricians also came to install our main electrical panel and the box for our meter. That was inspected and now we are waiting for the electrical company to come and install our meter, transformer and run the cables underground to our house. They will come the 1st week of January.

We have a couple of weeks with nothing happening as we are waiting for our framer/carpenter to finish the house he is currently working on. I predict it will be the 1st week of January at the latest. Lisa and I picked up our wood stove from Direct Buy this past Saturday. Thanks to Sam, Peter & Hank we were able to maneuver it into the garage. It was no small feat. Anyway, here are some (many) pictures. Happy Chanukah!!!

We worked with Joe in the shop when we went to NH to work on our frame. Joe cut most of our frame and Andrew & mark installed the frame. We hope you enjoyed this installment. Happy Holidays!!!

Lisa, Adam, Oz & Raz

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