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Happy New Year!!!

Well its been about a month since the last blog entry and not much has happened on the house. We (Lisa, myself & our friend George) covered the roof with tarps to protect it from the weather. We could not of done that without him.

Lisa and I would like to say a huge thank you to George for helping us with that. He is a renowned artist who lives in Woodbury. Check out his web site thepassionateartisan.com.

Lisa and I also sealed off all of the windows with plastic sheeting to protect against the weather. We worked all of Christmas day and the day after to get the job done. We have some pictures of that. Other than that we have been waiting for our framer to finish the job he has been on so that he can start ours. He moved his equipment to our site on the 30th, so depending on the weather work shall commence tomorrow.

Have a happy and healthy new year!!! The house will look different real soon.

Lisa, Adam, Oz & Raz

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