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This blog is dedicated to Erin for her persistence in wanting to see the progress in the house and for the cookbook. Thank you for your enthusiasm!!! Also Happy Birthday Bettylou!!!

Well, we just got back from a house visit. Its cold but the french doors are in. I need to take a step back. Since we last blogged our roof is finished, all of the skylights are in, the windows and doors are in and they have begun to side the house. Also, they framed the closet/laundry room ad built the platforms for the upstairs shower and tub. They have also been working hard on the window trim. We have had the electrician in to put in some switches that had to go in before the doors could be installed and the plumber has come by twice to survey the situation and look and plumbing fixtures. He will start next week. The final stair quotes are in and the stairs to the basement should get installed next week. So here come the pictures. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, The guys from Brooks came back and installed our deck. Sorry Paul its getting late and I've had a rough week and its only Wednesday.

Well that's all. Thanks for putting up with my ramblings. Till next time.

Lisa, Adam, Oz & Raz

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