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Lisa and I just got to enjoy our 1st full moon at the house. How awesome!!!

We spent the day cleaning up at the house and when we where leaving the moon started to rise. We went up to the deck off of our loft and enjoyed the show. It was the perfect way to end the day. The day started by Peter and myself installing a brake controller into my truck. This controls the brakes for the travel trailer that Peter & Bettylou bought this winter. They will use our truck to tow it. Of course we get to us the trailer as well. Oz & Raz can't wait.

We then moved our gas fireplace to the house (with peter's help). This goes in our bedroom. Our electrician, HVAC contractor and framer wanted to see it as they could not believe how small of a foot print it has. Anyway a lot has been done to the house. The rough plumbing, HVAC and electric is complete as well as much more.

The pictures will show it all. Enjoy.

Oh by the way we are not the only ones with a new home. The 2 stray cats who have made South St. their new residence have got themselves a new home thanks to my dad & Iris. It is heated, insulated and came with a heated water dish. Its awesome and they really love it.

Well its getting late. We hope you like the pictures. Thanks again for your interest.

Lisa, Adam, Oz & Raz

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