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Sorry for the delay but we have been working really hard. Its been a while and a lot has happened.

We have finished priming the house!!! We are exhausted!!! CC the cat has become the 1st residence of the house. He started sleeping there about a 2 months ago. We think he is staking his claim.

We have water, a septic system, the propane tank has been buried, sheet rock, insulation, A LOT OF ROCKS and sooo much more. We have been having a great time even though it has taken a huge amount of effort to get this far, The tiling will start next week. Actually, I can't remember what has happened since the last blog so lets refresh my memory with some pictures.

Soo much has happened that I'm gonna have to split this into a couple (not really sure how many) of emails. We are hoping to move in mid August. I will do my best to keep these coming Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Lisa, Adam, Oz & Raz

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