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Breathing Space!

Phew! What a busy late winter/early spring! It seems like the phone started ringing on January 1st and just kept going for the next 3 months. What's going on? There are a number of things that are playing a role in the sudden uptick in new timber frame construction.

First of all consumer confidence is returning. Some are describing our current economic recovery as anemic, but no will argue that it hasn't been consistent. I think that people are feeling the worst is behind us now, the stock market is on fire, and housing prices and foreclosures seem to have bottomed out.

Real Estate Bottom 2013But not only that there is a certain pent up demand. American's are only willing to go without for so long and their patience for waiting is wearing thin. Especially the growing retired demographic. People entering their 60's are not wanting to wait until they are much older before enjoying their retirement in a beautiful, energy efficient country home.

Timing couldn't be better as a matter of fact. Most retiring couples have seen their 401k's recover, they are concerned about the rising cost of energy, they are not planning on flipping their newly constructed custom home, and are not really that concerned with the resale value as they plan on living there a long, long time and then passing it on to their family.

Now that they're not working they'll be spending more time at home and what better time to live in a beautiful home that you played a direct role in designing and building? But perhaps most importantly now is the right time to build because you can still get quality contractors and material prices are still relatively low. But this won't last, I've already read of construction labor shortages in some states and dramatic price increases in materials like OSB and plywood.

As they say, its all in the timing. If you think you're ready to build your low maintenance, energy efficient "dream home" why don't you give me a call. We can work together to come up with a set of plans for your home and get it priced out, and we don't expect any obligation from you. If you want us to design a home and then have someone else build it we won't get in your way. Know why this works? Because by the time we have finished your house design you have gotten to know us so well and understood why all of us here feel we offer the best value money can buy when building a timber frame home or barn!

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