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plymouth energy fairTwo weeks ago Don Engelbert of New England Timber Frames hosted an Energy Fair in Plymouth, NH. Don is a general contractor who has built several of our homes and also has been designing energy efficient homes for 25 years. I joined him at his booth and spent some time learning about new technology from other "green" focused companies including local food supporters, geothermal contractors, solar and wind designer/installers, and energy efficiency product manufacturers.

Installing Solar Electric PanelConservation is the first step for any individual or group that wants to be pro-active in their efforts to reduce environmental damage, dependence on foreign oil, and the cost of energy. Perhaps one of the simplest and quickest ways to make a difference and ease the pressure on your pocketbook is to simply start with the lighting in your home and office. I picked up a catalog from nhsaves, they offer a 3 pack energy saving light bulb for $1.50. This is their TCP 14w bulb intended to replace a 50-60 watt incandescent bulb, it is rated for 10,000 hours, ten times that of a traditional 60watt light bulb! And for only pennies more, but most importantly the reduced electrical use will save you another $70 per bulb! (Assuming average use and $0.17/kwh for your electricity)

What does this have to do with Brooks Post & Beam? Well, we are typical cheap New Englanders who are always looking for the most efficient and thrifty way to do things. This goes not only for the our design and framing systems (translated into construction savings for you) but also in our energy and resource use. We continue to find ways to lessen our impact on the environment both in our production and design of new homes, and in the process hope that others will do so encouraged by our efforts. After all one light bulb may not save the environment, but when all of us start making efforts to reduce our consumption we can all make a huge difference!

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