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I just finished writing an email where I was describing our company to someone else in our business and as I finished it up I felt like I had hit upon something that I think is one of the more compelling reasons people choose us for their projects. It is not that we offer a more affordable quality frame due to our efficiency and automation, nor because we've been doing this longer than anyone else. I think it is the "intimacy" that evolves between our employees and our customers.

Initially our work together involves meeting around a table and going through plans, specifications, photographs and magazines. As the plans develop we bring in other team members, a builder, plumber, electrician, and other tradespeople. Ultimately the frame is cut in our shop and Joe, Andrew and Mark become part of the process culminating in a week or two on your site as they work for or with you putting your frame in place and bringing your dream closer to reality.

You get to know every member of the company, initially with myself and ultimately with our three craftsmen as we cut and raise your frame. Throughout the project we are all working together. The four of us meet every morning and we review work we have recently finished, are working on, or work that is coming up. This gives us the opportunity to continually improve our product by reviewing what has worked (and not worked), by strategizing how best to implement what we're working on, and by looking ahead at future work. We bounce ideas around, solve problems, share the "one that got away" or the latest adventure in raising animals and children (a similar process). But our basic premise is to provide you the best value available for your particular needs without sacrificing quality.

It's very important that the people whose hands will touch and shape every timber in your frame know who you are and what you want. We're not mass producing impersonal widgets to be used by strangers, we're creating the principal structure that will shelter you and your family and form the background of all of your memories of home. All of us enjoy getting to know our customers, working with you, and sharing vicariously your joy in your new home and the satisfaction we have in our role in fulfilling your dreams.

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