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The Trasatti Home

Brookline and Enfield, N.H.

Built their first S.P. Brooks home in 1984, their second in 2006

The Trasatti family grew up with S.P. Brooks & Co... Literally.

Back in the early 1980s, one of Phil and Kathy's friends had a Brooks home built in Temple, N.H., and the Trasattis loved it. In 1984, the couple decided to commission Phil Brooks to build their own home in Brookline, N.H.

"We wanted an old farmhouse type home but we couldn't afford a real one," says Kathy Trasatti.

A few years later, Phil Brooks helped the Trasattis with an addition. There was a significant change in the quality of the work, according to Phil Trasatti, as Brooks mastered tricks and learned from his experience what worked and what didn't.

Kokal Family Post & Beam Home by Brooks Post & Beam

Greenfield, N.H.

Bought their land in 2004, finished their home in June, 2006

God and family.

That's what the Kokals are really about.

Well, and horses. They are seriously into horses.

Education's huge, too.

And then there's their home.

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