The Ell Timber Frame Home Addition

It happens even to the best planners: A home, bought for its near-perfect size, location, and appeal, gradually begins to seem a little less perfect. If only …  there was space for a formal dining room! If only … there was a way to enter the house without tracking mud and dropped backpacks through the living room! If only … we’d realized we’d have two more kids!

Our Ell kit offers an affordable solution to homeowners who love where they are but want more room to grow. The basic plans are already drawn, but we work with clients to best integrate The Ell with their existing home, whether or not it’s a timber frame structure.



Square Footage
206 sq ft

The Ell adds the equivalent of a large room to a home. Use it as a mudroom and laundry, or take advantage of the space to create a new pantry, store a chest freezer, and add a half-bath to accommodate a larger family. If your eat-in kitchen has started to feel cramped, use The Ell as a spacious dining area.

The convenient added entrance to your home will help keep the rest of the house clean and uncluttered.


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