The Guesthouse Timber Frame Home

If you live in a desirable location—near a lake, or with a view of the mountains, for example—you may find that friends and family visit pretty frequently. To encourage these visits, and make them more convenient for everyone involved, The Guesthouse can help! 

With The Guesthouse, there’s no need to secure hotel rooms for your visitors, and private quarters allow you and your guests breathing room. At less than 825 square feet, what might be small for a full-time residence feels cozy and pleasantly simple when traveling. But with their own laundry room and garage parking, guests will experience all the convenience of home!   

And when there aren’t any visitors, The Guesthouse can provide extra parking, studio or work space, or a simple, cozy retreat from everyday life. 



Square Footage
1,650 SF (Footprint: 33’ X 25’)

The Rooms

Guests can prepare breakfast in their own kitchen while you sleep in, or they might unwind in front of the television in the evening after a day of seeing the sights.  

A couple or small family will find that there is exactly the right amount of space in the two bedrooms. Without lots of personal belongings to clutter things up, there’s plenty of room to do what a guest bedroom is meant for—rest for the next day of fun! 

A two-bay garage means guests can keep their vehicle out of the elements. They might also have easy access to recreational vehicles that are conveniently stored right there underneath their sleeping quarters.


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