Hidden Steel

WOOKIE - This refers to photos from the old site …

Some projects require special techniques to address special engineering requirements while still maintaining the traditional look of a post and beam structure.

In some cases, steel is required to meet engineering specifications for the structure. It is our experience that aesthetics, steel, and traditional joinery and workmanship can be balanced to produce an efficient structural heavy timber truss at an affordable price. To do this we can create designs that hide the steel components by incorporating the steel components in the design.

This first picture is a short ridge supporting two hips at each end. This particular frame is in Davie, FL, and is engineered to keep the roof down rather than hold it up as we're accustomed to here in the northeast! The upper ridge beam locks down the rafters to the lower ridge and is fastened and strapped with hidden steel.

This second photo is a truss in Tuftonborough, NH. A fantastic site overlooking Winnepesaukee AND with southern exposure!! This truss spans 24' and contains a 1" steel rod buried in the top of the bottom chord that runs the entire length, threaded and bolted from the outside on each end. It’s remarkably strong and is very easy to fabricate and erect.

This, by the way, is all made of 6" material of varying depths.