Timber Frame Construction Services

Once your designs are finalized, they are translated seamlessly to our timber cutting machine using our first-of-its-kind software. Each piece of the frame is cut according to specifications, and insulated panels are ordered.

Whether we erect your timber frame, you hire a contractor to do it, or you're DIY'ing your own Brooks Post & Beam kit, our role is to guide you through the construction process. Our 40 years’ experience means we know the best way to get through the jungle of construction issues, and by limiting the number of customers we work with each year, we are able to devote ourselves to making sure each project goes as smoothly as possible.

Erecting the frame requires respect for the site and for the needs of the owner. Attention must be paid to safety—of the building and of all the people involved—and our goal is always to make sure nothing will cast a shadow on the project. By identifying potential problems, we help avoid delays, unexpected costs and insurance issues.

Our owner’s manual covers all phases of construction from siting your building, preparing the site, getting bids, developing drawings and specifications, acquiring adequate insurance, plumbing, wiring, heating, finishes, insulated panels and much more. Our building manual steps you through the process of erecting your timber frame and installing insulated wall and roof panels.

We help manage relationships with contractors and offer guidance on how best to communicate with them. We also provide support answering questions from bankers, building officials, subcontractors … and even family members!

We’ve got your back.

Brooks Post & Beam Building Process

  1. We get together to discuss your ideas, your lot, potential costs, and appropriate contracting methods.

  2. We visit one or more of our existing homes with features similar to your ideas.

  3. Our designers develop rough plans and cost estimates.

  4. We assemble a preliminary contractor team and include them in the design process to ensure smooth system integration later.

  5. We model your frame in 3D perspective.

  6. We contract for a set of working drawings that will be used for financing, permitting and construction.

  7. We secure firm bids for construction using plans, specifications and details from your Owner's Manual, which we begin creating for you after our very first meeting.

  8. We obtain permits and finalize financing.

  9. Time to sign contracts and pay deposits to contractors.

  10. Begin construction!

  11. We monitor construction progress through phone and/or site visits and are available for contractors’ questions.

  12. We evaluate the finished product with a walk through and review of the home, and discuss decisions made during the process.

Brooks Post & Beam: Clearing the way to the home of your dreams.