Timber Frame Design Services

Our greatest service is not simply creating affordable, quality frames, but our ability to translate your vision into reality through good communication. Together, we’ll define the scope and budget of your project and create a design that both suits your needs and reflects your dreams.

A comprehensive set of construction drawings and specifications are the key to a successful project. Your drawings are a form of contract that defines the scope of work, and contractors will use them to calculate their costs, order materials, and locate building components.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

At Brooks Post & Beam, we provide a complete set of building plans, including floor plans, a foundation plan, elevations, sections and details. Windows and doors are clearly located and labeled in a complete Exterior Window and Door Schedule. Drawings are completely dimensioned with species and timbers sizes noted.

Panel plans are provided upon approval of floor plans and window and door locations and sizes. These include plan and elevation views of all panels with reflected timber frame profiles and fully dimensioned window and door openings, roof details and overhangs.

A materials list will be provided upon request with quantity take offs for framing lumber, roof and siding materials, fasteners and hardware.

Brooks Post & Bream: Guiding our clients as they create the home of their dreams.