Timber Frame Support & Consulting

From gathering ideas to putting the final touches on your project, Brooks Post & Beam is your guide. We provide a roadmap of what to expect, turn your needs and wants into professional timber frame designs and, in turn, frames, and we support and strengthen your relationships with contractors.

Our decades of experience and our personal relationships with clients allow us to support them with empathy and integrity. Each person who works in our small company gets to know our clients in a way that makes this support a personal mission for each of us: We want to make your dream a reality, and protect you from foreseeable trouble in the process.

Your owner’s manual, tailored to your building, its systems and your needs, will continue to support you long after we’ve celebrated a successful project! Every Brooks Post & Beam project comes with its own custom owner’s manual — a guide to the building and its systems. The manual answers owners' questions and lists ongoing tasks and decisions to ensure there are no missed opportunities. This personalized repository of information is invaluable in getting the most out of your project!

Do you have a floorplan you need help making a reality?

We can consult at any level of involvement, from modifying plans to translating conventional plans to a timber frame structure to assisting in the ordering of insulated wall and ceiling panels.

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