At the Farm

A Brooks Post & Beam Barn in Lyndeborough, NH. When we were doing the American Builder video we were driving by this barn we built some years ago and stopped by. The videographer started filming and a few days later sent me this video. Nothing much going on, just farm, family, and of course...kittens!

Assembly of a Post & Beam Addition

This is a segment from the television show "American Builder" that will feature our construction of an addition in Dunbarton, NH. Ironically after we were almost finished, the drawings for the original house were found and it turned out Paul designed the original home 25 years ago when he worked for Timberpeg!

This clip contains some time lapse video which is pretty fun to watch, also the host from American Builder, Brian Gurry shows his sense of humor. We had a lot of fun working with them, and you wouldn't know it but it was in the high 90's the few days we were shooting!