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Brooks Post & Beam of New Hampshire

Brooks Post & Beam has been designing and building timber frame homes and barns since 1967.   Paul Freeman took over the company from Phil Brooks in 2006. Phil started out by dismantling and recovering old New England timber frame barns but the demand for frames quickly exceeded the supply of these traditional heavy timber structures.

Before long our focus was on new energy efficient "green" buildings. We have been building green for over 40 years now. In the early days Phil helped develop and evolve the stresskin panel that make our

homes incredibly energy efiicient. Many of our early panel, wiring and plumbing details have been accepted as industry standards, others have copied our spline joinery recognizing its strenth and efficient use of materials. Our biggest success has been the development of the first computer controlled timber cutting machine in the world! Our seamless integration of timber frame model to shop floor increases our productivity and allows our craftsmen to focus on the detailing of the timbers.

Ginny & Phil BrooksThank you for your interest in our Post & Beam structures, I am looking forward to working with you. I would like to welcome you into the community of people that include our customers, friends, family, coworkers, vendors and trades people. We are privileged to be surrounded by so many fair and considerate people, and I believe the reason for our good fortune is that good people are drawn to each other. Phil Brooks has been building Post & Beam homes for over 30 years now and throughout his career as timber framer, educator, and philanthropist he has consistently treated people with respect and encouragement and built a network of committed clients, friends, and professionals all across the country.

Owners: Over the years we have helped hundreds of families navigate their way through the complex process of design, permitting, contractor selection and construction management of their new home. It is crucial that you work with someone who can communicate with you, convert your ideas into plans, and your plans into a realistic finished timber frame project that fits your budget. We can do that!

  • To have every family or business that lives and works in one of our buildings share our pride in the project, and know that they made the right decision in choosing to work with us.
  • To have every home we build be in some way better than the one before.
  • To continuously research both old and new materials and techniques in order to find cost effective solutions to building aesthetic, long lasting, and maintenance-free structures.
  • To integrate appropriate technology into the building of our timber frames; for increased precision and efficiency, to maintain and improve quality control, to free our craftsmen from repetitive tasks and enable them to concentrate on structural and aesthetic details.
  • To offer more effective presentations and estimates to our customers in order to facilitate communication and enable us to exceed our customer's expectations.
  • To experience over and over again the satisfaction of a job well done and the appreciation and excitement we share with each customer as their dream unfolds.

Wow, that last one sounds so corny... but it really is true, all of us here just love what we do and we are rewarded by each and every client that comes our way and gives us the chance to build them something they'll enjoy and be proud of for many, many years!

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