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Brooks Post & Beam has been designing and building energy-efficient, green timber frame homes and barns for over 40 years. Along the way, we’ve set industry standards with our panel, wiring and plumbing details. Brooks also developed the first computer-controlled timber cutting machine in the world, which allows us to move seamlessly from timber frame model to the shop floor. This helped us increase our productivity and let our craftsmen focus on detailing the timbers. Take some time to see what Brooks Post & Beam has to offer, and welcome to our community of customers, friends, family, vendors and tradespeople.

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Experts in Timber Frame Construction

Finding shelter is an instinctive drive in all of us. At its very best, that shelter becomes an expression of who we are and our role in the larger community. Strength, beauty and efficiency are a few of the characteristics of timber frame homes that help make a powerful impression.

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Barns are where timber frame architecture first showed its usefulness. Whether you need to divide your barn into many stalls for livestock or leave it open to store heavy equipment, a timber frame barn can deliver.
With no need for load-bearing walls, you can be flexible.

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The essential architecture of these plans is already drawn, and assembly can be done by skilled buyers. Or, hire local contractors and save on the cost of a traveling timber frame crew. The same panels that snug up other Brooks Post & Beam structures come with the frame.

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Our work 

Our Timber Frame Services

From gathering ideas to putting the final touches on your project, Brooks Post & Beam is your guide. We provide a roadmap of what to expect, turn your needs and wants into professional timber frame designs and, in turn, frames, and support your relationships with contractors. Your owner’s manual, tailored to your building, its systems and your needs, will continue to support you long after we’ve celebrated a successful project!


Start with One of Our Floorplans


Create Your Own Floorplan


Find another floorplan you love online?

We can transfer, modify, or customize almost any floorplan—timber frame or not.


Here’s How It Works

  1. We get together to discuss your ideas, your lot, potential costs, and appropriate contracting methods

  2. We visit one or more of our existing homes with features similar to your ideas

  3. Our designers develop rough plans and cost estimates

  4. We assemble a preliminary contractor team and include them in the design process to ensure smooth system integration later

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