Outbuildings with Curb Appeal

Timber frame barns are completely at home in a rural environment. They’ve been a part of the New England geography for centuries, after all! Brooks Post & Beam barns and garages are made primarily of native New Hampshire native lumber – since they’re not necessarily insulated, the walls are made of wood shiplap. And while any timber frame structure will allow for flexibility, because it’s not dependent on load-bearing walls, a barn can be even more versatile and responsive over time as your needs change. Just move the walls if you decide you want to turn your horse stalls into a parking area, apartment or art studio!

Custom Post & Beam Barns

Barns are where timber frame architecture first showed its usefulness. Whether you need to divide your barn into many stalls for livestock or leave it open to store heavy equipment, a timber frame barn can deliver — beautifully!

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