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Commitment to Our Customers

When Phil Brooks first began building new timber frame homes he quickly recognized that contractors all too frequently misunderstood the owner’s wishes which resulted in frequent delays and costly changes. As former teachers, both Phil Brooks and Paul Freeman are committed to helping you learn everything you need to know in order to build your dream home. As tradespeople we can communicate effectively with others contracted to work on your home so that they too are able to understand what is necessary to build a quality home that matches your dreams.

Brooks Post & Beam has led the industry in the rediscovery of the craft of timber framing for over 40 years. In the late 60’s we began by converting barn frames into homes and quickly learned to cut new frames by hand. Since then we have initiated many innovations used widely throughout timber framing today. We built and still use the first ever CNC Timber Cutting machine and the first brace tenon machine. We wrote the first software program to design 3D timber frame models, draw detailed shop drawings, generate automated estimates, and to program our CNC machine. We developed a unique spline and pegged joinery system and played a significant role in the development of stress-skin panels.

We bring this same innovative thinking to all of our work in order to help you design and build a home that is not only a beautiful structure but blends with your floor plan, compliments the style of your dream-home and facilitates modern day conveniences. We are planners. We’ll help you define the scope of your project and develop thorough specifications for establishing a firm budget. We can draw and develop your architectural plans and details. If needed we can introduce you to reliable, honest contractors that are experienced in timber frame construction. We become one of your team to build your home to meet your dreams. Our greatest service is not simply affordable quality frames, but our ability to translate your vision into reality through good team communication. We translate your imagination via drawings, specifications, and direct instruction to breech the gap between layman and contractor.

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Author: Paul Freeman