Why Choose a Timber Frame Kit?

Opt for speed and flexibility!

With our timber frame kits, contractors and owner-builders will find they can save on labor while also arriving quickly at a dry, secure structure. From that point on, the pressure eases off, and you can chip away at detailed finish work as time allows. The essential architecture of these plans is already drawn, and assembly can be done by local contractors or experienced DIYers. Save on the cost of a traveling timber frame crew. The DIY level is up to you!

Brooks Post & Beam delivers a frame with unique, pre-drilled, draw-bored timber frame joinery. The same panels that snug up other Brooks Posts & Beam structures come with the frame.

Efficiency and Affordability

Some of our customers want the quality and value of a finely crafted timber frame home but can’t afford to pay the high cost that many companies charge for such a project. By donating your own labor and “sweat equity,” you will have a beautiful home of the highest quality, but for a fraction of the price that others are charging.

We’ve all heard the old saying — “if you want something done right, you’d better do it yourself” — well, with a timber frame kit home from Brooks Post & Beam, you can do it yourself! There’s nothing in this world quite like the feeling of achievement and pride that comes from living in a home that you built yourself. We can help you realize that dream with an easy-to-assemble, precision-engineered home kit.

With a pre-cut timber frame and panel kit, you can build your own home at your own pace. Only have weekends available? No problem — the frame and panels go together much faster than conventional stick framing, and your home will be enclosed and weather-tight in a matter of days rather than weeks. After that you can complete the project at your own pace.

Contractors also benefit from a pre-cut frame package, ready to assemble. Stay on schedule and keep your crews on site without waiting for an erection crew to show up. Expand your business by offering timber frame homes, additions, and other structures to your customers. Contractors can benefit in many ways by working with Brooks Post & Beam.

We deliver a completely pre-cut timber frame and panel system to your job site. There are no panel scraps, window cutouts, or other bulk waste items to worry about. There will be a small amount of scrap from the first- and second-floor framing, but other than packaging materials, there is very little waste generated by a home kit. Compare that to conventional stick framing, which routinely fills up large dumpsters with waste and scraps. Want to leave a small footprint? Consider a timber frame kit.

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