Timber Frame Kit Pricing

You can save thousands of dollars in labor by building your own home.

Compare pricing on our our selection of pre-designed timber frame kits and find the right fit for you!

Our kits have been built from California to Bar Harbor and Fort Lauderdale to Pittsburg, NH. Freight charges vary with the cost of fuel and distance traveled. If you are not blessed with the good fortune of living in tax-free NH (ok, we’re biased) then we may be required to collect state sales tax.

Most importantly, our frames are designed and engineered for common northeastern snow and wind loads. We are happy to work with your engineer or consult with one of ours to determine if any local seismic, wind or snow-load conditions exist that would require an increase in timber size, special joinery, or hold-downs.

Changes to the frame and panels are optional, but for greatest affordability you will want to order your frame as it was originally designed.

Learn more about what you can expect for realistic final costs and more when you browse our Browse Timber Frame Kit FAQs

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