Using Reclaimed Timbers for Your Project

One of the reasons that building a timber frame building is an environmentally responsible construction method is that the timbers can be reused in the future to build a new building. Over time the timbers inherit a character, patina, and warmth that only time can provide. Using reclaimed timbers impart these qualities to the new building that can not be matched by contemporary building materials.

Can Brooks Post and Beam use reclaimed timbers?

Absolutely! We have a source for reclaimed timbers that we can procure. If you are looking at getting reclaimed timbers from an existing structure to reuse we can work with them. However, there are some things to keep in mind when considering purchasing your own reclaimed material.

  1. Timbers need to be of sufficient size to conform to modern building codes. Sometimes old timbers are undersized.

  2. Getting a sufficient number of timbers to meet the needs of the new plan or budgeting for additional timber to meet the demands of your project

  3. Often the timbers need to be re-sawn and reworked to be used for a new plan. This means that the timbers need to be sent to a mill for re-sawing and then shipped to us for preparation and joinery work. Old timbers can have little bits, or not so little bits, of steel in them which can cause damage to saw blades and milling tools. This could mean an extra cost incurred. With all of the trucking charges and rework it could wind up being more costly. This is one of those things that needs to be reviewed on a case by case basis since the timbers obtained vary widely.

Based on the above points, those free or low priced timbers that were offered to you may not be the best approach. If you are considering purchasing old timbers to use in your new project please contact us prior to purchase. We can do an assessment of the old timbers to see if they are suitable for your project and discuss other factors that may impact the cost of the project.